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As the worthy heir of the expertise and creativity of the celebrated Fromentin fashion house founded in 1902, Séverina Lartigue perpetuates the work of the Parisian ornament designer Noémie Fromentin and of her son and successor Jacques Delamare. In recognition of her passion for her heritage and the excellence of her work, the French state has awarded her the "Living Heritage Company" label, while the country's National Institute of Arts and Crafts has listed her in its inventory of holders of rare know-how under the framework of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Fervently but patiently in her workshop she has assembled a unique set of archives that she uses every day. The drawer cabinets and wall lockers of her workshop contain more than 6,000 cutting and embossing tools dating from 1770 to 1930, and which are no longer manufactured today. Forming a living memory for all those who loved this craft so much, Séverina Lartigue's workshop is treasure trove of benevolent guardian angels silently watching over each day of her work.