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When I was a little girl, I once went into an old, old shop to choose the flowers for my dress. The atmosphere of the place with its colours and waxed chests of drawers was a revelation: I chose three violets made of silk velvet, and I still have them. Ever since that day, I have made fabric flowers. At first I learnt from nature, walking through the fields to find new flowers for me to draw, afterwards I learnt from books on botany. I have been lucky enough to meet people who are passionate about their work and masters of their art, who have handed on their knowledge to me and have become my friends. I started collecting everything I could find that might allow me to improve my work: books, tools, antique fabrics, studying floral bridal crowns made of wax orange blossom, old flowers of all ages and their history. In this way, my whole life has been built around my work. Today, I try to reproduce that mysterious emotion that engulfs us when we look at a flower. I do my job in a cocoon-like workshop, far away from the hustle and bustle of the world, a carefree spirit and a kind heart, taking the time to do things well. I am convinced that flowers watch over our well-being as the gentle messengers they are. I hope one day a little girl or boy will keep one of my flowers, and the story will begin anew.